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Will you win a 30,000 ISK gift card ?

By November 27, 2020No Comments

A short survey about your employment situation

We would like to ask you to participate in a short survey about your employment situation. It will not take much of your time, and everyone who participates gets a chance to win a 30,000 ISK gift card.

The survey is conducted by Varða, a labour market research institute recently founded by ASÍ and BSRB. The outcome of the survey will provide important information about the current situation in the labour market, especially among unemployed people. The outcome will help us identify which problems this group is facing, and which measures they consider most important.
The survey has two parts. The first part is intended for all participants, and it should only take five minutes to complete. It contains questions about your housing and financial situation, your health, health care services, summer holidays, whether you have received partial unemployment benefits, your views on your employment prospects and on changes to the unemployment benefits system. 
The second half is only for those who are either unemployed or working their notice period, and it should take around 15 minutes to complete. It contains questions about jobs and job search, the types of jobs you would consider taking, whether you have looked for a job, and if not, why, your views on study and education opportunities, as well as your views on the service provided by Vinnumálastofnun and your trade union. 
Varða manages all aspects of this survey, from designing the questions, setting up and conducting the survey, and Varða will also process the results from the survey. 
  • The survey will be open for two weeks and can be completed through a mobile, a tablet or a computer. 
  • The survey is available in three languages: Icelandic, English and Polish. 
  • Three participants will win a 30,000 ISK gift card. 
  • The survey will close on Tuesday 8 December. 
We encourage all our members to participate in the survey. Your input will help provide a broad outcome which will help us shape and support the labour movement’s cause. 
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