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Worker’s rights and obligations, society and the labour market

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A web course in English

A course created for foreign workers in Iceland where the rights and obligations of workers will be discussed, along with the structure of the labour market and Icelandic society.

About the course:
The rights and obligations of workers in the Icelandic labour market will be discussed, as the structur of Icelandic society and the labour market. The course is open to all.

The aim of the course is for participants to learn about the main rights and obligations that apply in the labour market; Icelandic society and its structure, the labour market and the insurance system will also be discussed.


Basic information:
Date: 13. & 15. Oktober 2020 
– Please note: The course is tought over 2 days – 2 hours each day
Timing: 16:00 – 18:00
Place: Guðrúnartún 1, 1. hæð (Bárubúð), Reykjavík
Price 12.000 kr.

The course is also offered as a web course (distance learning)
where participants will be sent a link to connect to.


Tuesday October 13th:
1. Part: Rights and obligations: The main rights of workers and obligations in the labour market will be discussed – e.g. contract of employment and rules of termination, wages and working time, vacation and holiday allowances, sickness and accidents, maternity and paternal rights, sickness funds and unemployment insurance

Thursday October 15th:
2. Part: Society and the labor market: The society and the structure of the labour market, the role of trade unions and employers' associations, collective bargaining and agreements, the social security system and pension funds will be discussed.


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